Hey Guys – Shut Down

Hey Guys, Sparky /DJ Rainbow Here,

I am Sorry to say but Midnight Penguin Shut Down,



I May be bringing out a New CPPS’ Not got any idea’s for names yet and I will let you know as soon as I have the site up ! 😛





Staff Go Wild ???

Today was a very fun day, me and some of the other staff members was goin wild with excitement !!! heres a few images:


Heres a Slideshow

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Crazy Huh? Lol thats the way us staff are, Crazy !!!! xD in a fun way, soo yeah, more parties comming soon guys



Thanks. -DJ Rainbow

Welcome !!!

Hello, and welcome to Midnight Penguin’s Website, ‘ Midnight Penguin ‘  is the brand new Club Penguin Private Server of Auguest 2011 With commands from  different sources, we hope to achive getting lots of user’s my frend iVodz has offerd to put my ‘CPPS’ On ‘CPPSHQ.Com’ wich will hopefully bring us some users, anyway Check back for more updates on Midnight Penguin



Thank You, -DJ Rainbow